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 TUES. MARCH 20 –WED. MARCH 21, 2018

9:00 PM – 7:30 AM


$108 IN ADVANCE, $120 DAY OF


The Spring Equinox is a sacred holy cross of time and space, where we experience an equal day and night. It’s a time for activating balance, harmony, and hypnotizing our intentions and our patterns for success. The Spring Equinox through out many ancient cultures was known as a time to go into deep practices of self initiation, rebirthing rituals and celebrations of new life. Join us for this powerful Spring Awakening, an overnight experience where we’ll play the Gong to release any darkness from the Winter Season and let go of the heavy layers of life.

The Overnight Gong is a powerful attunement that creates a sacred sound portal. It brings balance to the polarities of the brain, heals the nervous system, activates the glandular system and most of all, allows you to go into a deep sound healing that will effect you on a molecular and cellular level. We are healing beyond a 3rd dimensional physical plane and we are healing the inner and outer the multi dimensional aspect of ourselves.

You will need to bring sleeping accoutrements such as sleeping bag etc. and comfortable clothes to sleep in.

Gong Sound Cleansing
Intention Circle
Ecstatic Morning Sadhana
Light Cacao Tea Ceremony
Light Breakfast


Kundalini Workshop @ Five Pillars Yoga

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Restorative Kundalini Workshop

Led by Siri Rishi Sunday, April 29th 1-3PM

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SUNDAY APRIL 29TH 1:00 – 3:00PM

$50 early bird, by 4/1
$55 regular

Join Siri Rishi for a blissful afternoon of Kundalini yoga kriyas, breathing exercises and deep meditation practices. She will close with workshop with delicious restorative postures and a soothing sound bath. You will leave feeling revitalized, with a deep sense of connection first and foremost with yourself.

Siri offers a fresh approach to timeless teachings. Kundalini is a multidimensional approach to yoga that seamlessly weaves together movement, breathing exercises (aka pranayama), meditation and chanting. This powerful spiritual practice was popularized in the 1960s by Yogi Bhajan and continues to support yogis of all levels and ages today.

The guiding principals of Siri’s teachings are acceptance, creativity, imagination, a sense of humor and trust. She will provide a safe container so you can freely explore the layers of your being; #GoDeep into awareness and develop a powerful sense of imagination to access infinite possibilities for growth and healing.

Siri’s techniques will activate your intuition, and create a deep sense of inner harmony and integration. Throughout this 2-hour workshop, Siri will draw upon mystical teachings and Kundalini foundations to provide you with practical & applicable tools, leaving you feeling empowered and trusting your SELF.